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QWhat is the “Together We Can: Claim the City and Expand the Kingdom” Stewardship Initiative?

A.  It is a church-wide stewardship initiative to mobilize all members of the church to commit their spiritual, financial and material resources to expand ministry opportunities at our two campuses and in the city.

Q.  Why are we doing this stewardship initiative?

A.  God has given Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church a vision for this congregation and this city.  God wants us as “one church in two locations” to claim the city and expand his Kingdom throughout the areas in which we are planted. God planted us in the areas we are in and now God is calling on us to make disciples throughout the city and bring honor to his name. We begin this process by eliminating our debt to free up resources so we can do Kingdom building work and live out our vision of Leading, Learning, Living and Loving Without Limits.

Q. Will this initiative allow the church to pay off our debt?

A. Yes, this successful initiative will allow the church to pay off debt which will free up financial resources so we can expand ministry opportunities at our campuses and in the city.

Q. What is the financial goal of the stewardship initiative?

A. The financial goal is $2M. This amount would allow both campuses to pay off debt and begin to expand ministry and evangelistic opportunities throughout the city.

Q. How will the church raise the $2M?

A. The money will be raised through financial commitments made by our members in obedience to God.

Q. How long will I/We have to pay on my commitment?

A. We are asking you to make a two-year commitment which is 104 weeks; 24 months.

Q. Can we make a family commitment?

A. Yes, we are asking that commitments be done as a family unit.

Q. When will the commitment process begin for the stewardship initiative?

A. We will officially kick-off the “Together We Can” Stewardship initiative on Sunday, May 31, 2015.  If people want to commit on that day we will accept their commitments. However, the official commitment Sunday is June 28, 2015. 

Q. Can I give toward my commitment once a year or every two to three months?

A.  Yes, you can. However, most of us find it easier to give and keep up with our giving on a weekly basis.

Q. Can I change my commitment later?

A.  Yes, because our future is uncertain, some of us will be blessed so that we can increase our gift. In some situations or unfortunate circumstances beyond our control may force some of us to lower or even cancel our gift. 

Q. Will my commitment be made public?

A.  No, your commitment nor how much you have contributed toward your commitment will be made public. It is the church’s policy to keep all financial contributions in the strictest confidence.

Q. How much will I be expected to commit and give?

A.  Your commitment and gift is a personal matter between you and the Lord. “Not equal giving, but equal sacrifice” is what we are asking members to experience.

Q.  How do I/we make our commitment payments?

A.  Special envelops will be provided for your use. You can also go online to make payments at and in the future you will be able to text your payment or use The BLVD app to make the payment.  If you want, we can set-up automatic deposit payments (ADP) so you won’t have to remember to pay this commitment.

Q. Do you think God will help me meet a commitment which right now seems to be beyond my means?

A.  Just as surely as God helps in other areas of our lives, he will open doors and help you with this sacrificial gift. Please know that God has already made provision for you to commit and give. Just believe that he will supply all your needs.

Q. Will my commitment and giving to this stewardship initiative be included with my tithes and offering?

A.  No, all gifts to the stewardship initiative are over and above your tithes and offerings.